Reignite Masterclass

It is time to anchor in a new level of expansion,

to rise up out of the ashes

and step into your next evolution,

Your Phoenix rising is here.

You are on the verge of your next level of growth

You are on the brink of something huge

And you can feel it

You have been feeling like burning it all down

Because the Phoenix has been wanting to remerge

A greater version of you, of your business, is calling

And it’s time to answer the call


If you’ve been feeling bored in business lately

If you’ve felt a disconnect

Like the old ways just don’t work anymore

But a new way hasn’t fully clicked in

If you’ve felt like you’ve lost your spark

Or had a desire to burn it down..

You are not alone…


This is a unique moment in time

The collective has been experiencing a shift

Ushering a new era

And your desire to burn it down is the call beckoning you to a NEW WAY

It is not your undoing…but your gift

The start of something new

And greater


The burning down is part of the evolution

Within the ashes

A phoenix forms

Reborn again

And it is ready to anchor in a new level of expansion


You know you’re in the process of a business rebirth when…


Your offers no longer excite you

Your niche no longer feels aligned

Your branding doesn’t reflect who you are

Your messaging feels outdated

The clients you’ve been attracting feel all wrong

The old ways of running your business feel heavy


It feels like the fire has been extinguished from your business…

But you know, that within the ashes

Is your greatest opportunity.

An opportunity to rise out,

and create the business you actually desire.


This is your evolution.


And in this masterclass, we rise together.


Live masterclass.

2 days.

June 21 and 22 at 12pm AWST.

Replay available for life.


2 days together to step reignite your business.

You will shed all the old layers.

Clean up the unaligned.

And reactivate your full potential.

Step into full joy, fun and expansion in your business.

Create new “rules”

Set a new energetic signature.

Anchor in a new level of expansion.

And reclaim the power of your phoenix rising.


$222.00 USD

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