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5 Figure DMs

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The strategy, energy + mindset of effortlessly selling all offers and price points in the DMs 🔐


You're ready for a new paradigm of effortless sales.


No sales calls

No outreach

No sales pages

No ads


How TF?


Here’s what you do *not* need to do:


Follow up 5x times

Overcome objections

Cold outreach

Comment on a thousand posts

Track leads

Convince people to buy

Use scripts


I regularly close sales in the DMs for offers ranging from $33, all the way to $20k.


I haven't done a sales call in 3 years.


And in this program I teach you exactly *how*. 


Because this wasn't always the case. There was a time when I struggled to close a $1k offer  while I was doing all of the above.


Now I literally close sales in the DMs almost daily.


And the the energy around how people buy from me is *so clean*. 


People ask for the link, I send it, they buy.


Sometimes they have a question or two. I answer it. I send the link. They buy.


It’s simple. It’s effortless. And it’s the number 1 way I close sales.


This is what I’ll be teaching in FIVE FIGURE DMS:


🔐 How to regularly have people reaching out in the DMs who are READY to buy and need no convincing


🔐 How to sell offers at ALL price points in the DMs with ease (including high ticket offers)


🔐 How to build an audience who trust you and are excited to say YES without all the details or calls


🔐 How to elevate your standards and create potent energetic boundaries in the DMs for more sales


🔐 What to say and do *BEFORE* the DM convo so people messaging are a HELL YES already


🔐 The energetic frequency to embody around people buying through DMs - basically how to *think* and *feel* around this to create the energy of frequent and effortless DM sales


🔐 The ego blocks/shadows that will fuxk up your vibe selling in the DMs - how to identify them, integrate them and alchemise them into your greatest power


I’m teaching you what I say in the DMs to close sales.


How I create momentum for people to buy in the DMs.


How to create and hold the energy and frequency of making sales effortless and simple.


It’s about selling in the DMs but it’s also about selling with ease.


When you master selling in the DMs you have a truly scalable business (because being on sales calls every day is not it).


When you master selling in the DMs you will plug into a frequency of effortlessness and ease around rales and receiving that will catapult every part of your business.


If you're ready for this >> the details:


4 modules


Access to content + updates forever.

Start date - 24 July 2023.